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As of April 28, 2022 the Graceland of Dallas Lot is closed.
Thank you to our faithful customers.  It has been a pleasure serving you.
Please call Graceland Corporate at 866-574-7446 with any Graceland questions regarding your building or to purchase a new building.

Our company is based on quality and affordability. 

"LOOK FOR THE G" for quality!


That's Graceland's logo and motto.  You are welcome to visit our lot located at 3614 Dallas High Shoals Hwy. in Dallas, NC and pick from our on-site selections or our qualified sales manager can show you other models that can be brought to your home directly from our manufacturing facility.  We can now transport in NC buildings that range in the sizes of 14x16, 14x24, & 14x40.  You can purchase your building outright or RENT TO OWN.  What an opportunity to RENT TO OWN for your storage needs!  That beats any storage facility where your money goes to them for nothing but air & space!  You  can own your own facility for almost the same in rent.  Once you purchase or RENT TO OWN your building, it's yours to take any where you go!

Stop by and let us help you find the perfect building that will help you meet all your storage needs!!!


 High Quality Materials 
Rent to Own
No Credit Check
3614 Dallas High Shoals Hwy
Dallas, NC  28034
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